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Laminates for Motor Slot Insulation

The market for electric motors and generators, the workhorses of industry, is heating up. As regulatory requirements to create more energy-efficient motors increase, 3M recognizes that the industry itself is changing for motor designers, manufacturers, and rebuilders.
With global competition and efficiency standards rising, the pressure is on for higher-efficiency motors that are smaller, faster, and lighter. In response, the demand is up for insulation systems with higher thermal conductivity, more corona resistance, and a higher thermal rating.
All motors require slot liner insulation, but of all the motor applications, automotive motors are some of the most demanding and can benefit most from slot insulation using epoxy coating powder. Automotive applications of motors include enclosures, windshield wipers, seat adjusters, window lifts, fuel pumps and many more.

Laminates for Motor Slot Insulation
Motor slot and phase laminates are used to insulate the copper winding wires from the stator and rotor laminations.
Slot insulation requires to be made of a mechanically tough material that is also a good electrical insulator.
By laminating materials with complementary  attributes an ideal electrical insulation material can be produced at a commercial price.
Laminates of Nomex® and polyester film are extensively used as slot insulation for class F (155°C+) motors, typically used for electrical appliance( washing machines and spin dryers)
Laminates of Nomex® and polyimide (Kapton®) film are used as slot insulation for class H (180°C+) motors, typically these can be found on board aircraft for the air conditioning system or fuel pump generator sets.

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