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What Is Phenolic?

What Is It?
Phenolic is created when weighted layers of cotton, paper or glass fabric mix are placed under heat and pressure and filled with synthetic resin. This creates an extremely durable and tough material that is exceptionally more lightweight than aluminum but offers many of the same benefits and applications.
How Phenolic Sheet Is Used
Phenolic sheet is used in parts fabrication. These parts may be used in everything from electrical circuits and applications to bullet and storm protection equipment. The insulating properties of phenolic make it an excellent option for insulating electrical antennas, and it can also be used in spools and bobbins for commercial manufacturing where impact resistance and lightweight materials are important.
Benefits of Phenolic Sheet
What makes phenolic sheet so impressive as a building material is its versatility. Phenolics are incredibly lightweight and have high water dissipation combined with low water absorption to make them a great option for watercraft and similar applications. They can withstand a wide range of temperatures and humidity and can be infused with flame retardant epoxy resins to make them flame resistant. They have good abrasion and impact resistance and can easily be molded into parts of all shapes and sizes. They also resist corrosion from common chemicals.
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