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Robot spray paint test successfully completed

"The use of robots on the wire insulation treatment, not only can shorten the transformation of the distribution network time, but also reduces the intensity of manual operations, an effective solution to some regional distribution network transformation and operation and maintenance problems." Recently, Ningde power supply company maintenance Floor of the scene, an automatic spraying robot in the staff of the wireless remote control, slowly through the bare wire, then, the insulating paint was evenly sprayed on the wire surface, a few minutes later, the entire bare wire successfully completed insulation transformation, Insulation test qualified.
It is understood that over the years, substation exports 10 kV line 2km insulation transformation, and housing trees near the bare wire local insulation has been the distribution network transformation and operation and maintenance problems. Previously, in the face of such problems, the company can only rely on manual replacement of insulated wires. However, by the geographical location, the original tower of the force, green compensation, power outages and other factors, a considerable part of the region is difficult to implement.
The robot spray paint test is mainly the company's power distribution inspection department for the current distribution network transformation and operation and maintenance of the existing problems and carried out, and the technical test also belong to the national network system, the provincial company's first attempt. The technology uses wireless remote control robot for spraying, through the insulation performance, good insulation, waterproof, weather-resistant insulation coating installed in the robot, and the robot hanging above the wire, the wireless control of its movement, so that bare wire upgrade to insulation line.
Automatic spraying of insulating paint robot has changed the traditional solution to the "insulation transformation" approach, to achieve the operator on the ground can also be insulated wire insulation transformation, a great solution to the manual labor intensity, power outage is long, difficult to transform And so on, so as to achieve safe and efficient results, as well as the timely elimination of the existence of the security risks of the purpose, greatly improve the safety level distribution network. The next stage, the company will also be pilot on the transport line.

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