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How is electrical insulation paper made?

How is electrical insulation paper made? YAAN insulation will tell you the answer. Electrical insulating papers like dmd/dm/dmdm/f-dmd paper and nmn /nhn are all the main insulating material of motor windings , which can be used for slot insulation, turn insulation, layer insulation and phase insulation of small and medium-sized motors. Take the commonly used DMD insulation paper as an example, the product is a kind of composite insulation material products made of a layer of polyester film coated with adhesive, one side is polyester fiber non-woven composite by calendering. DMD insulating paper has good mechanical strength, dielectric property and high heat resistance. Under normal operating conditions, insulation paper should not appear layering and bubbling problems.

The insulation material in the motor shall be matched with the heat resisting grade of the motor. Insulation materials are particularly vulnerable to accelerated aging and damage by high temperatures. The heat resistance of different insulating materials is different. The motors with different insulating materials have different ability to withstand high temperature. Therefore, the motor product will specify the most high temperature at which it works.

On the premise of ensuring the stable and reliable quality of motor products, improving the breakdown and heat resistance of insulation layer is one of the important measures to improve the insulation performance of motor. To improve the moisture absorption of insulation products, the key to heat resistance is to choose insulation materials with breakdown and heat resistance.

How is electrical insulation paper made?

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