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The difference between DMD insulation paper F Class

  DMD insulation paper is a composite insulation product made of a layer of polyester film coated with adhesive and polyester fiber non-woven fabric by calendering. It is called DMD for short. It is mainly divided into two types: F class and B class. So what is the difference between these two? Let’s take a look at it below.

  1. Different features.

  Class F DMD insulation paper has good mechanical strength, dielectric properties and high heat resistance.

  2. Different temperature resistance.

  The temperature resistance of Class B DMD insulation paper is 130 degrees, Class F is 155 degrees.

  3. Different colors.

  The Class B products on the market are white, and the Class F products are usually blue or pink to distinguish them.

  4. Different applications.

  Class F DMD insulating paper is a shaped insulating material for Y series motors. It can be used for slot insulation, turn-to-turn and interlayer insulation, liner insulation and transformer insulation of small and medium-sized motors.

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