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Common types of insulation varnish

There are many types of insulation varnish, and the types of insulation varnish produced by different manufacturers are also different. Yaan commonly used insulation varnish models are divided into the following categories:

Commonly used insulation varnish models for ordinary motors: YA1032, YA1038, YA1053, YA1042, YA1140, etc.

Commonly used insulation varnish models for high-voltage motors: YA1343, YA1351, YA1150, YA1140, YA1053, etc.

Commonly used insulation varnish for reactance transformers: YA1038, YA1042, YA1140, etc.

Yaan insulation varnish has the following characteristics:

1. Excellent insulation performance;

2. Good adhesion and high mechanical strength;

3. Small shrinkage stress;

4. The heat resistance should meet the different requirements of the transformer;

5. It should meet its special requirements for outdoor or special environments, such as anti-radiation, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, etc.;

6. Good manufacturability, such as good operability, non-toxic or low-toxicity, short drying time, etc.

The main performance indicators of Yaan insulation varnish are as follows:

(1) Dielectric strength (breakdown strength), that is, the electric field strength when the insulation is broken down.

(2) Insulation resistance, indicating that the insulation performance of insulating paint is usually measured by two indexes: surface resistivity and volume resistivity.

(3) Heat resistance, indicating the heat resistance of the insulating varnish in the working process.

(4) Thermoelasticity shows that the insulating varnish can maintain its flexible state for a long time under high temperature.

(5) Physical and chemical properties such as viscosity, solid content, acid value, drying time and gel time.

(6) The mechanical strength of the insulating paint after drying indicates the resistance to compression, bending, tension, torsion, and impact resistance of the insulating paint after drying.

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