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The application of glass fiber tube

ˇˇˇˇGlass fiber tube because of its unique performance advantages, has been in the aerospace, railway railway, decorative buildings, home furnishings, advertising display, craft gifts, building materials bathroom, yacht berthing, sports materials, sanitation engineering, and so on more than 10 industries Widely used, and by the praise, as the material industry in the new era of business needs darling. FRP products are also different from traditional materials products, in performance, use, life properties are much better than traditional products. Its easy to shape, can be customized, the color of the characteristics of random deployment, favored by the merchants and sellers, occupy a growing market share, the prospects are broad!

ˇˇˇˇThe following are the industries: black metallurgy, nonferrous metallurgy, power industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electromechanical industry, textile industry, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry, railway industry, shipbuilding industry, construction industry, light industry, Food industry, electronics industry, post and telecommunications industry, culture, sports and entertainment industry, agriculture, commerce, medical and health industry, and military and civilian applications and other fields of application.

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