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Insulation tape and classification

  Insulating tape (insulating rubber tape) specifically refers to the electrical used to prevent leakage, from the insulation of the tape. Also known as insulating tape, tape, by the baseband and pressure-sensitive adhesive layer composition. Base belt is generally made of cotton, synthetic fiber fabric and plastic film, the rubber layer by the rubber plus sticky resin made with the agent, good viscosity, excellent insulation properties.

  Mainly divided into: polyimide high temperature insulation tape, NOMEX paper high temperature insulation tape, polyester insulation tape, glass cloth insulation tape.

  Polyimide high temperature tape: Polyimide tape is a polyimide film as the substrate, coated with imported high-performance silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, the product has good dielectric properties, excellent heat resistance and other characteristics The Products with high mechanical strength, strong bond, tape tear after leaving no residue, can be used as H-class electrical insulation, can work in the 250 ≧ environment.

  NOMEX paper high temperature insulation tape: NOMEX paper high temperature tape used by the United States DuPont produced high temperature polyaramide fiber paper as the substrate, single-sided coated silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive or modified acrylic adhesive, made by high temperature process The Products with excellent temperature resistance, strong adhesion, tough and tear resistance and other characteristics.

  Polyester insulation tape: polyester tape, also known as Mara tape, polyester film as the substrate, single-sided coating of high-temperature glue as a binder, made by drying cut.

  Glass cloth insulation tape: This product is made of high density non-alkali glass fiber cloth as the substrate, coated with high adhesive adhesive, with excellent tensile strength, anti-friction, high temperature, solvent resistance, insulation, Environmental protection and other advantages of halogen.

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