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Commonly used insulating materials

  (1) impregnated paint is mainly used for impregnating electric motors and other electrical equipment, coil and insulation components. It is divided into solvent and solvent-free two kinds of solvent impregnation paint is characterized by good permeability, long storage period, easy to use, but the impregnation and drying time is long, slow curing. Need to use solvent; solvent-free impregnation paint is characterized by curing Fast, rapid changes in viscosity with temperature, mobility and permeability, insulation integrity is good, less evaporation process and so on.

  (2) Coated lacquered lacquers for coating on the surface of the coil and insulating parts after the lacquer treatment to form a continuous and uniform thickness of the surface insulation to protect the film from mechanical damage and erosion of oil and chemical substances. Discharge voltage, can also be used for motor repair to strengthen the local insulation capacity.

  Cover paint is not filled with filler and pigment for the insulating varnish, otherwise insulated enamel. Insulating varnishes are used for the coating of insulating parts surfaces and electrical appliances. Insulating enamels are used for coil and metal surface coating.

  Cover the paint with a dry and dry paint. Dry paint the performance of poor, unstable storage, suitable for drying parts of the coverage. The current application of epoxy lacquer is more extensive because it has better moisture resistance, mildew resistance, dryness and strong film adhesion than alkyd type lacquer.

  (3) impregnated fiber products impregnated fiber products, cotton, cotton fiber tube, thin silk glass fiber cloth (or tube) and glass fiber and synthetic fiber fabric as the substrate impregnated with insulating paint made of insulating varnish, insulation Lacquer tube and tie belt 3 kinds.

   Insulating paint cloth It is mainly used for the insulation of the motor winding, groove insulation and liner insulation.

   Insulation paint tube It is made of the corresponding fiber tube as the substrate, soaked with different insulating paint, made by drying the cotton paint tube, polyester paint tube and glass tube, suitable for motor and other electrical equipment coil lead Or winding connection of the insulation sleeve.

   banding, also known as no weft belt, is made of long glass fiber by silane treatment and finishing, in the dip with thermosetting resin made of B stage or fully cured ribbon material. According to the type of impregnated paint or resin used, can be divided into polyester-free belt, epoxy-free belt and polyimide imide-type non-latitude and so on. Currently the most widely used is the endless type of ribbon, which is mainly used to band the end of the motor rotor winding, replace the non-magnetic alloy steel wire, steel and other metal.

  (4) non-impregnated fiber products non-impregnated fiber products, including non-alkali glass fiber cloth, E-glass fiber belt, E-glass fiber casing, E-glass fiber rope, with high heat resistance, water absorption is small, High tensile strength, good electrical performance and so on.

  (5) Electroluminescent film and composite product The electric film is a synthetic resin film, such as a polypropylene film, a poly cool film, and the like, and has a thickness of 0.006 to 0.5 mm. It can be used for motor and other electrical equipment winding insulation, with a soft texture, moisture resistance and good mechanical and electrical properties.

  Composite material is in the film on one or both sides of a layer of fibrous materials (such as insulating paper, paint cloth, etc.) composed of a composite material, the main role of fiber material is to strengthen the mechanical properties of the film to improve the tensile strength and surface smoothness. It is mainly used for small and medium-sized motor slot insulation, winding end insulation and so on.

  (6) adhesive tape is at room temperature or at a certain temperature and pressure can be self-forming strip material, sub-film adhesive tape, fabric adhesive tape and no substrate adhesive three categories. Dry belt insulation performance, easy to use, suitable for motor and other electrical equipment winding insulation, bandage and fixed.

  When the motor is repaired, the same insulation material as the original should be used. If there is no suitable insulating material or can not clarify the original material, can be used with the original material similar to the insulation material, or according to the motor nameplate on the insulation level specified. Improper selection of insulation material will affect the repair quality of the motor and shorten the service life of the motor after repair.

  (7) insulation laminated products, also known as laminated products (laminated boards, rods, tubes, etc.) or laminated plastic. Insulating laminates are insulating materials made of organic fibers or inorganic fibers, cloth as substrates, dipped in different adhesives, and hot pressed (or rolled).

  Using different substrates, the amount of dry agent, molding process, can be made into different heat levels, different mechanical, electrical, physical and chemical properties of the products. Electric motors and other electrical equipment used in the laminated products, mainly for insulation structures, such as winding bracket, pad, pad, groove wedge and so on.

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