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NHN insulation paper for motor rewinding from China

NHN insulation paper for motor rewinding from China consists of a polyimide film and Nomex paper (Dupont paper). The heat resistance grade is H(180). It is a kind of composite insulating material with excellent mechanical properties. However, under the influence of some factors, its insulation performance cannot be fully developed. Let's explore the specific factors that affect its performance.

1. Fire resistance: refers to the fire resistance of NHN insulating paper in front of the flame and its self-extinguishing after leaving the flame. With the continuous expansion of the application range of thermal insulation materials, the requirement of its fire resistance is becoming more and more stringent. Professionals have also been experimenting with different materials to improve the flame retardancy of insulating materials. The more flame-retardant the insulating material is, the more safe it is.

​2. Mechanical strength: refers to the maximum strength that NHN insulating paper can withstand under corresponding pressure. This experiment is also the most representative one in the performance test of NHN insulating paper.

3. Arc resistance: The ability of NHN paper to resist surface arc action at rated voltage. In the laboratory, arc resistance is measured by determining the time required for the NHN insulating paper surface to form a conductive layer, primarily using a small current at AC high voltage. The longer the life, the better the arc resistance.

4. Seal: The high seal to the liquid. It has good mechanical strength and pressure resistance. Smooth surface, trouble-free when used.

Due to its excellent performance, 6650 NHN insulation paper for motor rewinding from China is mainly used for insulation between slots, caps and phases of high heat resistant motors. It can also be used for layer insulation of transformers and other electrical appliances.

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