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NMN insulation paper for motor rewinding from China

NMN is a kind of flexible insulation paper which is laminated of two layers of DuPont Nomex brand paper on both side and a layer of polyester film in the inner side.Insulation class: 155 C°-220C°

Basic characteristics

1.Superior thermal properties and mechanical properties.

2.Tearing resistance as well as the excellent dielectric strength from polyester film.

NMN combined flexible material can be supplied in roll form, reel form or sheet form and the length required by customers. Inner diameter of core is 3 inches.


It is suitable for insulation of slot, phase and turn-to-turn of F~C class motors and generators.

Storage advice

1. It should be stored in dry and clean environment at room temperature.

2. To keep away from fire, heat and directly sunshine.

3. After 12 months of storage, it should be tested and pass all specification before use.

addressXuchang, Henan

Telephone+86-199 3740 8623

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