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Insulating paint

Electrical insulation paint is a special kind of paint in the paint. Insulating paint is based on polymer polymer, under certain conditions can be cured into insulating film or insulation of the important insulation material.

First, the introduction

Electrical insulating paint material is a kind of dielectric, its basic characteristic is the induction and not the conduction way to transmit the electric function and the influence. IEC (International Electrotechnical Society) defines a dielectric as a polarizable substance, defining an electrically insulating material as a material with a small electrical conductivity for isolating conductive parts of different potentials, including insulating varnishes, impregnated fibers, laminates, mica Products and pressure plastic and other five categories.

Insulating paint generally has three classification methods.

Ie use classification

Enameled wire insulation paint, impregnated insulating paint, covered with insulating paint, silicon steel insulation paint, adhesive insulation paint, electronic components insulating paint.

Layer curing mechanism

Since the dry insulation paint, drying insulation paint, UV curing insulation paint.

Classification of heat resistance

Y, A, E, B, F, H, C and 7.

Second, the advantages

1, excellent insulation performance.

2, good adhesion, low mechanical strength.

3, shrinkage stress is small.

4, heat resistance can meet the different requirements of the transformer.

5, on the outdoor or special environment to meet its special requirements, radiation, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, and so on;

6, good process, good operability, non-toxic or low toxicity, short drying time.

Third, the composition

Insulating paint is generally composed of paint, solvent or thinner and auxiliary materials composed of three parts, according to the use of the scope and shape are divided into: impregnated paint, covering paint, silicon steel paint, anti-corona paint four.

Since the dry insulation paint is coated with their own dry film after the insulation paint. The mechanism of self-drying is generally divided into three categories: one is volatile dry, that is, high molecular weight solid resin dissolved in the appropriate solvent, the solvent after evaporation, leaving the solid film-forming resin. This type of insulating paint is easy to use and fast. But poor solvent resistance, heat easy to soften. The second category is oxidative dry. This kind of insulating paint contains dry vegetable oil, dry vegetable oil in the molecular structure of the unsaturated double bond in the air under the action of oxygen, will self-oxidation cross-linking, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. General oily, phenolic resin and dry oil alkyd varnish are all oxidized dry type insulating paint. This type of insulating paint because of the high content of vegetable oil, heat resistance is low, for the A-class, E-class insulation material, drying time is longer, generally one day. The third category is curing at room temperature drying, this type of insulating paint is at room temperature, the chemical reaction and cross-linking curing. This type of paint is a two-component or multi-component, is now available. This type of paint commonly used, such as polyamide resin curing epoxy paint and two-component polyurethane paint. This kind of paint is chemical cross-linking, heat resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance are better. Insulation paint, commonly known as: where the water (from dry, baking, solvent-free) Insulation paint is based on polymer polymer, ZS-1091 high temperature ceramic insulation coating, the paint is divided into temperature 600 The following solvent type and 600-1700 water two. The coating can form a layer of ceramic coating with a higher volume resistivity and capable of withstanding a strong electric field without being punctured on the surface of the coated body. The coating has high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, , Water resistance, chemical resistance, but also with resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock performance, the coating can be in the corresponding working temperature within the continuous work. The most fundamental or rely on a strong technological innovation, and make full use of the latest chemical and chemical scientific and technological achievements, which mainly include the following: : in the production process strictly control the ratio of raw materials to avoid spurious ions, especially alkali or alkaline earth metal The introduction of ions. : minimize the glass phase content, and try to reduce the process to improve the performance of the glass phase of the conductivity. : : strict control of the introduction of iron, cobalt and other variable metal ions, so as to avoid free ions and holes. : At the same time strictly control the temperature and atmosphere in the production process, so as to avoid redox reaction and the emergence of electrons and holes, to prevent the occurrence of lattice conversion caused by crystal defects. The product has been widely used in high temperature electric furnace, induction furnace, high temperature motor, refractory device, motor, telecommunications equipment, high temperature equipment on the insulation. Can be cured under certain conditions into an insulating film or insulation as a whole important insulating material, generally by the paint base, solvent or thinner and auxiliary materials composed of three parts.

Fourth, the use of classification

According to the use of insulating paint can be divided into impregnated paint, enameled wire paint, covering paint, silicon steel paint, anti-corona paint and other five categories.

Impregnated with paint

Impregnated with solvent paint and solvent-free paint two categories, mainly for immersion motor, electrical coil to fill its gap and micropores, and after curing in the surface of the impregnated material to form a continuous formation of the film, and Make it stick to a hard whole. The basic requirements for dipping paint are:

1, low viscosity, good fluidity, high solids content, easy to penetrate and fill the impregnated material.

2, fast curing, dry performance, strong adhesion, thermal elasticity, curing can withstand the rotation of the motor centrifugal force.

3, with excellent electrical and chemical stability, moisture, heat, oil.

4, the conductor and other materials have good compatibility.

Enameled wire paint

Enameled wire paint is mainly used for enameled wire core coating insulation. As the wire in the winding coil, embedded wire and other processes, will be subject to heat, chemical and a variety of mechanical forces, and therefore require enameled lacquer has a good coating (that is, evenly coated), strong adhesion film, Smooth and soft surface toughness, there is a certain wear and elasticity, electrical performance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, no corrosion and other characteristics of the conductor. Specifically divided into the following nine types.

1, acetal paint the main component of polyvinyl formal, for oil-filled transformer with enameled wire production.

2, the main component of polyurethane paint is polyurethane, widely used in electronic transformers, electronic coils, relays, micro-motor, high-frequency electrical instruments and other electronic requirements winding with enameled wire production.

3, solderable polyester imide paint with polyester imine paint the general performance, 475 ° can be directly welded.

4, polyester imine paint the most widely used a kind of enameled wire paint, excellent thermal performance, usually higher than 180, can be a single coating, can also do primer and polyamide imide or nylon paint composite production line. Large number of refrigerators and air conditioning compressors, explosion-proof motors, power tools, ballasts, dry-type transformers and other high insulation level of the occasion.

5, the main component of polyester paint polyester, comprehensive performance, for the washing machine motor, micro-motor, instrumentation and telecommunications equipment, power tools and general motor with enameled wire production. The heat-resistant polyester is modified with a stopper, and a large amount of the primer and the polyamide-imide are used for the production of the refractory enameled wire.

6, polyamide imide The most widely used high heat-resistant grade (220) enameled wire paint, mostly used for making paint production lines, used to improve the overall performance of enameled wire. A large number of used for sealing motor, resistant to cold enameled wire production. Some products can also be coated. To improve the performance of enameled wire, can also be made of self-lubricating type and filler. In heavy-duty motors and the automotive industry has a great application.

7, polyester imine paint heat grade 240, superior performance, the enameled wire radiation resistance.

8, nylon paint using its lubricity, generally used for enameled wire surface. Improvements to other performance.

9, self-adhesive paint is based on the use of different ingredients, mainly polyamide, epoxy (phenolic) and aromatic polyamide and other different types of self-adhesive paint. Generally made enameled finish. Used for deflection coil, transposition wire, voice coil and the opposite sex coil bonding molding.

Cover paint

The covering paint is used to coat the impregnated coil and the insulating parts, forming an insulating layer of uniform thickness on its surface to prevent the equipment from being damaged by mechanical damage and erosion of the atmosphere and chemicals to improve the surface insulation strength. Therefore, the requirements of the paint with a dry fast, strong adhesion, hard film, high mechanical strength, moisture resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Cover paint according to the type of resin is divided into alkyd paint, epoxy paint and silicone paint. Epoxy paint than the alkyd paint has a better resistance to moisture, mold resistance, dryness and adhesion, film hardness is high, widely used in hot flashes electrical and mechanical equipment parts of the surface coating. Silicone paint heat resistance, can be used as H-class electrical appliances covered paint.

Cover paint can be divided into two kinds of filler: no filler and pigment varnish and filler and pigment enamel. The same resin made of enamel paint than the varnish hardness, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and arc resistance, but other electrical performance is slightly worse, and more for coil and metal surface coating, and varnish is used for insulating parts surface of the electrical Inner surface coating.

Cover the paint by dry way to dry and dry two, the same resin drying paint than the poor performance of dry paint, storage instability, only for large equipment and unfavorable baking parts coating.

The use of covered paint should be strictly controlled paint viscosity and uniformity, ventilation, baking temperature and environmental cleanliness, in order to ensure the drying and quality of the film. The enamel must be thoroughly agitated before it can be used to eliminate precipitation, uneven viscosity, or discoloration.

Silicon steel sheet paint

Silicon steel lacquer is used to coat silicon steel sheet to reduce the eddy current loss of the core and enhance the corrosion resistance. Silicon steel lacquer coating after the need for high temperature drying. It is characterized by thin layers, strong adhesion, hard, smooth, uniform thickness, oil, moisture, electrical performance is good.

Anti-corona paint

Corona discharge is a very uneven electric field, the field strong sudden (such as the electrode sharp) local space air ionization and produce a blue halo of a discharge phenomenon.

Anti-corona paint is generally made of insulating varnish and non-metallic conductor (carbon black, graphite, etc.) powder, mainly used for high-voltage coil for corona paint, such as large high-voltage motor for high voltage coil end. Industry requirements Corona paint surface resistivity stability, strong adhesion, good wear resistance, fast drying, storage, anti-corona paint can be coated on the coil surface alone, can also be coated with asbestos, glass, In the outer layer of the coil, or coated on the glass cloth with the main insulation molding.

Acetal paint

Acetal paint is the main component of polyvinyl formal, for oily transformer with enameled wire production.


Solderable polyester imide paint is the main component of polyurethane, made of enameled wire without the need to remove the paint can be directly welded, solder temperature is generally 375 ° or below, according to the need to choose different heat levels, widely used in electronics Transformers, electronic coils, relays, micro-motors, high-frequency electrical instruments and other electronic requirements winding with enameled wire.

Fifth, the level of division

Insulation paint according to the insulation level can be divided into Y-class, A-class, E-class, B-class, F-class, H-class, C-class seven.

The details are as follows:

Heat-resistant grade: maximum permissible operating temperature ()

Y-type: 90 ° C Insulating structure composed of un-impregnated cotton yarn, silk and paper or a composition thereof

Class A: 105 ° C An impregnated structure impregnated with or impregnated with liquid dielectrics (such as cotton yarn, silk and paper, or a composition thereof in transformer oil)

E grade: 120 ° C An insulating structure composed of a synthetic organic film, a synthetic organic enamel, or the like

Class B: 130 ° C

F grade: 155

H grade: 180 ° C Insulating structure composed of a suitable resin (e.g., silicone resin) bonded or impregnated, coated mica, glass fiber, asbestos or the like or a composition thereof

C grade: Insulating structure composed of a material such as mica, ceramic, quartz or the like which is adhered or impregnated with a suitable resin, coated mica, glass fiber,

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