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High temperature insulating paint to let the current nowhere

  Henan Yaan Insulation Materials Factory after years of research and development, the development of high-temperature insulation coating has been included in the promotion of key materials. High temperature insulating paint with high temperature, high insulation level, the protection of the current does not leak the advantages. Fully consistent with the insulation material insulation grade parameter index, the dielectric strength is the material against high voltage without generating a measure of dielectric breakdown capability, the sample placed between the electrodes, and by increasing the applied voltage until the occurrence of dielectric shock Wear, measure the dielectric strength in times.

  Insulation material dielectric constant, representing the degree of polarization of the dielectric, that is, the binding capacity of the charge, the greater the dielectric constant, the stronger the ability to charge the charge. Capacitors filled between the plates of the medium have an effect on the capacitance of the capacitor, while the same medium has the same effect, the dielectric is different, the dielectric constant is different. The volume resistivity is the resistance of the material per unit cubic volume. After the above method, it is proved that the high temperature insulating coating is very high in the efficiency of the electrical insulation.

  Insulation material loss factor also refers to the loss of tangent, AC is converted into heat energy dielectric loss (dissipated energy) of the measure, under normal circumstances are expected to wear a low factor.

  Insulation grade is high, high temperature insulation paint resistance to high temperature paint concern, as a new type of paint, is a set of insulation-oriented, non-blocking heat, high temperature, waterproof and moisture-resistant for the role of energy in one. This kind of functional paint is Zhisheng Weihua company's high temperature ceramic insulation paint temperature 600 ≧, is Zhisheng Weihua company after years of research and development results, the paint using inorganic - organic grafting technology, solution molecular modification chelating treatment, Inorganic and organic material advantages, temperature can reach 600 ≧, good adhesion, can be painted in any material on the high temperature insulation shielding current through, anti-corona put point phenomenon.

  Both anti-corrosion and insulation paint high temperature paint brushing in high temperature and high pressure equipment, Henan Yaan Insulation Material Factory 1 high temperature ceramic insulation paint temperature 600 ≧ can be coated on the surface of the object to form a layer with a higher volume resistivity, Withstand a strong electric field without being punctured by the ceramic coating. Zhisheng insulating paint coating has high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, resistance to aging, water resistance, chemical resistance, high thermal conductivity coating, easy to release heat, but also has resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock performance, the The coating can be operated continuously within the corresponding operating temperature. High temperature insulating paint with inorganic - organic modified chelate grafting film solution, the construction is simple, the construction of a single coating, but according to the different anti-voltage current situation, a single coating brushing a certain thickness can be.

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