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Characteristics of paper insulation

Paper insulation is one of the main insulating materials of oil-immersed transformers, including: insulating paper, insulation board, insulation pad, insulation roll, insulation banding, etc. The main component is cellulose, chemical expression (C6H10O6) n, where N is the degree of polymerization. Generally, the degree of polymerization of new paper is about 1300, and when it reaches about 250, the mechanical strength has been reduced by more than half, and the degree of polymerization is about 150 to 200. After the aging of the insulating paper, the degree of polymerization and tensile strength will be gradually reduced, and generate water, CO, CO2, followed by furfural (furan formaldehyde). Most of these aging products are harmful to electrical equipment, will reduce the breakdown voltage and volume resistivity of insulating paper, the dielectric loss increases, the tensile strength decreases, and the metal material in the equipment is very corroded. When the temperature is raised, the degree of cyclization of the cellulose, the chain breakage and the degree of gas generation are different. At a certain temperature, CO and CO2 production rate is constant, that is, the oil CO and C02 gas content with a linear relationship with time. When the temperature is rising, the production rate of CO and CO2 tends to increase exponentially. Therefore, the content of CO and CO2 in the oil has a direct relationship with the thermal aging of the insulating paper, and can change the content as one of the criteria for the abnormality of the paper in the sealed transformer. And solid insulation has irreversible aging properties, its mechanical and electrical strength reduction can not be restored. As the power transformer in the run to withstand the intermittent mechanical stress, tension, pressure, torque and atmospheric over-voltage and internal over-voltage impact, the insulation material requirements are high. Therefore, according to the characteristics of paper insulation materials, to enhance the oil-immersed transformer operation control and maintenance.

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