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DuPont NOMEX insulation paper

  DuPont NOMEX insulation paper, with insulation, shielding, anti-interference effect, by the two forms of aromatic polyamide polymer made.

  DuPont NOMEX insulation paper features:

  Is made of two kinds of aromatic polyamide polymer, with insulation, shielding, anti-interference effect, to provide high electrical insulation, mechanical strength, softness and flexibility, in particular, can withstand acid and alkali corrosion, Tearing and wear resistance, not sensitive to moisture, non-toxic, flame retardant, with a strong inherent dielectric strength, mechanical toughness, flexibility and resilience, thermal stability is better.

  DuPont NOMEX insulation paper has the following eight characteristics:

  1. intrinsic dielectric strength

  The Nomex insulating paper products are capable of 18-40KV / mm short-term voltage field strength without the need for further processing with varnish and resin; since the NOMEX product has a low dielectric constant, the insulation and cooling medium Electric field distribution is more uniform;

  2. Mechanical toughness

  After the pressure of NOMEX insulation paper strength is very high, and flexibility, tear resistance and abrasion resistance are good, thinner products are flexible;

  3. Thermal stability

  NOMEX insulation paper with UL material temperature rating of 220 ° C recognition, on behalf of even continuous at 220 ° C can maintain effective performance for more than 10 years;

  4. Chemical compatibility

  NOMEX insulating paper is basically not affected by most solvents, and very acid and alkali corrosion. It is compatible with all varnishes, adhesives, transformer fluids, lubricants and cold agents. In addition, NOMEX insulation paper will not be insects, fungi and mold damage;

  5. Low temperature performance

  At the boiling point of nitrogen (77K), the tensile strength of NOMEX insulating paper T410 and NOMEX993, 994 laminates exceeded the strength values at room temperature;

  6. Not sensitive to moisture

  NOMEX insulation paper in the phase wet 95%, the dielectric strength is completely dry state of 90%, at the same time, a lot of mechanical properties actually improved;

  7. Radiation resistance

  NOMEX insulating paper is largely unaffected by the intensity of the ionization of up to 800 megahertz (8 MPa), and its mechanical and electrical properties are maintained after 8 doses of this dose;

  8. Non-toxic / flame resistant

  NOMEX insulating paper does not produce any known toxicities to humans or animals. NOMEX insulation does not melt in the air and does not propelerate, and its oxygen limit (LOI) is greater than 20.8 at 220 ° C (generally empty combustion critical Value), so it will not burn .Nomex insulation paper in line with UL94V-0 requirements of the flame retardant requirements.

  DuPont NOMEX insulation paper application:

  Widely used in generators, transformers, electrical equipment, electrical and household appliances.

  In the manufacture of traction transformer, the use of NOMEX insulation paper to take the following measures.

  (1) to strengthen the transformer winding temperature rise calculation, strictly control the winding temperature rise.

  (2) Using the simulation software to simulate the temperature inside the transformer, in order to determine the NOMEX insulation paper and ordinary insulation paper to provide the basis for the separation of two kinds of materials, according to the characteristics of the transformer oil itself, the rational use of these two materials to determine the boundaries, Avoid the risk of oil and ordinary insulating paper cracking, insulation breakdown or thermal breakdown.

  (3) to increase and improve the oil within the coil to reduce the temperature of the transformer oil to avoid oil cracking.

  (4) to improve the external cooling system, increase the cooling capacity of the transformer, reducing the normal load when the transformer temperature rise.

  (5) to improve the inner coil in the circumference of the support, so that the transformer can withstand high overload and short circuit when the mechanical pressure.

  According to the traction load of the electrified railway, the use of new insulating materials in the manufacture of traction transformers, NOMEX insulating paper instead of ordinary insulating paper, increase the overload capacity of the transformer, reduce the installation capacity of the traction transformer and reduce the cost of the basic capacity fee, thus reducing the electrification Railway operating costs, has a good application prospects.

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