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Water - soluble electrical insulation materials

  A wide range of insulation materials, more commonly used insulating paper, insulating paint, insulation rods, insulation casing, insulation film. In the past, these insulating materials in the application of the motor has its own advantages, but with the rapid development of industry, the electrical products on the insulation material requirements continue to improve, the performance of insulating materials is also rising.

  In recent years, applied to small and medium-sized electrical insulation materials began to adopt new technologies, new materials, water-soluble high temperature insulation materials to break the conventional thinking of the R & D model, after years of research and development and thousands of times after the temperature, insulation test , The industry commented that water-soluble high temperature insulation material is expected to overcome other insulating materials, in the small and medium-sized motor industry to occupy the largest market share.

  The electrical industry, the requirements of the waterproof insulation material is more and more stringent, and the motor insulation material in addition to softening temperature and melting temperature to be very high, the waterproof effect can not be ignored.

  Electrical insulation materials, heat resistance indicators, insulation indicators, adhesion indicators and anti-corrosion oil and other indicators must achieve a good performance. Because the motor in the actual use will inevitably be affected by the environment, so the motor insulation waterproof material can not only consider some of these factors, we must also consider the "temperature - time - environment - performance" these four indicators.

  It is reported that the market has been introduced on the water-soluble high temperature motor insulation materials are mostly used in the inorganic film good welding performance and heat resistance and organic film water, insulation, impact resistance and adhesion. Moreover, these materials belong to the water-based coating system, can reduce the pollution of the environment, which marks the water-soluble high temperature motor insulation materials to the direction of environmental protection green products and a big step forward.

  High temperature, the motor performance, mechanical properties and so should remain stable, even if the long-term high temperature environment, the motor performance to maintain a relatively stable. Now water-soluble motor insulation material has broken through the 1800 ≧ high temperature environment, can be used in high temperature corrosion environment, withstood the high temperature of oxygen corrosion, high temperature sulfur corrosion, high temperature flame erosion, can also withstand the flame temperature, But also to withstand the high temperature flame long barbecue. Water-soluble motor insulation materials, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation performance is good, high hardness and good adhesion, I believe in the future application of the industry prospects will be more and more widely. "

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