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Comparison of glass fiber tube and carbon fiber tube

  Glass fiber tube and carbon fiber tube contrast advantage, carbon fiber has his advantages, glass fiber also has his advantages, glass fiber reinforced heat and cold function: glass pipe at -30 ≧ state, still has outstanding resistance and high strength, Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe can be in the range of -50 ≧ -80 ≧ long-term use, the use of special formula resin can also be used when 110 ≧.

  Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe excellent function: because FRP commodity thermal conductivity is low, so its insulation function is particularly good. Glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-fouling resistance] large glass pipe in the course of the use of non-scaling, no rust, will not be marine or sewage in the shellfish, fungi and other micro-organisms tainted.

  Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe excellent corrosion resistance: carbon fiber glass pipe material selection of corrosion-resistant resin, with excellent mechanical properties and processing characteristics, in most of the acid, alkali, salt water untreated sewage, corrosive soil or groundwater and Many chemical substances are corroded.

  Glass fiber tube wear-resistant function: large glass pipe wear function is very good, the experiment proved: rich in a lot of mud, sand and water, into the tube for the impact of rotating wear comparison experiment. The thickness of the inner wall of the pipe is 0.53mm; the steel pipe of the composite is 0.48mm; the glass pipe is 0.21mm, and the steel pipe is 0.21mm. This can clarify the wear resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe is very strong.

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