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How to judge the quality of electrical insulation tape

  Electrical tape full name for the PVC insulation adhesive tape, it was called electrical insulation tape or insulation tape. The electrical tape is suitable for the insulation of various resistance parts. General electrical insulation tape has three kinds, one is insulated black tape, the second is pvc electrical flame retardant tape, the third is the high-pressure self-adhesive tape, three of each have their own functions. In the purchase of electrical insulation tape, how to determine the electrical insulation tape is good or bad?

  Electrical tape classification

  Electrical insulation tape is divided into three types:

  One is insulated black tape, only the insulation function, but not fire-retardant is not waterproof, and now has been gradually eliminated, and only in some civil construction electrical also some people in use.

  The second is pvc electrical flame retardant tape, it has insulation, flame retardant, and waterproof three functions, but because it is pvc material, so the ductility is poor, can not be wrapped very tight joints, water resistance is not very good, But it has now been widely used.

  The third is a high-pressure self-adhesive tape, generally used in the higher level of voltage, because of its good ductility, waterproof than the second better, so people also apply it in low-voltage areas, but because Its strength is not as good as pvc electrical flame retardant tape, usually these two kinds of use.

  Identification of Electrical Tape Quality

  From the outside to see if there are flaws, tape rewinding is obedient, cut whether there is no burr, whether the smooth look at the tape material (electrical insulation tape has many types, in most cases have to see the use of) look at the glue, Part of the evolution has been to the environmental protection, the taste is very important, if it is pungent, is the possibility of defective relatively large (not all the tape), look at the use of tape when there is no anti-stick, tear off after use there is no residual Glue, if the residual glue in the product, this is the fatal point of the defective tape. Tape PVC material is basically the same, mainly to see the glue, poor quality tape after a period of time, and then unlock, you can see the glue and PVC material separation, looks sticky, very uncomfortable, and good quality tape There will not be such a problem.

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