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The main factors that affect the transformer insulation fail

  The main factors that affect the insulation performance of the transformer are: temperature, humidity, oil protection and over voltage.

  1, the impact of temperature. Power transformer for oil, paper insulation, at different temperatures, oil, paper moisture content has a different balance curve. Under normal circumstances, the temperature increases, the paper moisture to the park in the precipitation; the other hand, the paper to absorb oil in the water. Therefore, when the temperature is high, the transformer within the insulating oil slightly higher water content; the other hand, the micro-water content is small.

  When the temperature is different, the degree of dissolution of the cellulose, broken chain and accompanied by the degree of gas generation is different. At a certain temperature, CO and CO₂ production rate is constant, that is, oil and CO CO gas content in a linear relationship with time. When the temperature is rising, the production rate of CO and CO 2 tends to increase exponentially. Therefore, the content of CO and CO₂ in oil has a direct relationship with the thermal aging of insulating paper, and the change of content can be used as one of the criteria for the abnormality of the paper in the sealing transformer.

  The life of the transformer depends on the degree of aging of the insulation, and the aging of the insulation depends on the temperature of the operation. If the average temperature is 20 ≧, the hottest temperature is 98 ≧; at this temperature, the transformer can run 20- 30 years, if the transformer overload operation, the temperature increases, to promote shortened life.

  International Electrotechnical Commission (1EC) that the A-class insulation transformer in the 80 ~ 140C temperature range, the temperature increase of 6 ≧, the transformer insulation effective life will reduce the speed of doubling, which is 6 ≧ law, that the heat limit Has been more stringent than the previously recognized 8 ° C law.

  2, the impact of humidity. The presence of moisture will accelerate the degradation of paper cellulose. Thus, the production of CO and CO₂ is also related to the moisture content of the cellulosic material. When the humidity is constant, the higher the water content, the more decomposition of the CO 2. On the contrary, the lower the water content, the more decomposition of the CO.

  Insulating oil in the trace moisture is one of the important factors affecting the insulation characteristics. The presence of trace moisture in the insulating oil has great harm to the electrical and physical and chemical properties of the insulating medium. The moisture can lead to the decrease of the spark discharge voltage of the insulating oil, the increase of the dielectric loss factor tg8, the aging of the insulating oil and the deterioration of the insulation performance The And equipment damp, not only lead to the reliability of power equipment and life expectancy, more likely to cause damage to the equipment or even endanger personal safety.

  3, the impact of oil protection. Transformer oil in the role of oxygen will accelerate the decomposition of insulation, and oxygen content and oil protection. In addition, the pool protection in different ways, so that CO and CO₂ in the oil solution and diffusion of different conditions. Such as the dissolution of CO is small, so that open-type transformer CO easy to spread to the oil surface space, therefore, open-type transformers in general CO volume fraction of not more than 300x10-6. Sealed transformers, because the oil and air insulation, so that CO and CO₂ not volatile, so its high content.

  4, the impact of over-voltage.

   the effect of transient overvoltage. Three-phase transformer normal operation of the phase, the ground voltage is 58% of the phase voltage, but the occurrence of single-phase fault when the main insulation voltage on the neutral point grounding system will increase by 30%, the neutral point of the ground system will increase 73 %, Which may damage the insulation.

   the impact of lightning overvoltage. Lightning overvoltage due to steep wave steep, causing longitudinal insulation (turn, and between, insulation) on the voltage distribution is very uneven, may be left on the insulation traces of discharge, so that the solid insulation is damaged.

   the effect of operating overvoltage. Since the operating voltage of the wave head is fairly gentle, the voltage distribution is approximately linear, and when the overvoltage wave is operated from one winding to the other, it is approximately proportional to the number of turns between the two windings, which is likely to cause main insulation or Interphase insulation deterioration and damage.

  5, the impact of short-circuit electric power. The electric power at the time of export short circuit may cause the transformer winding to be distorted and the lead is displaced, thus changing the original insulation distance, causing the insulation to heat, accelerate the aging or damage caused by discharge, drawing and short circuit failure.

  In summary, master the power transformer insulation performance and reasonable operation and maintenance, a direct impact on the safe operation of the transformer, life and power supply reliability, power transformer is an important power system key equipment, as the transformer operation and maintenance Personnel and managers must understand and master the power transformer insulation structure, material properties, process quality, maintenance methods and scientific diagnostic techniques, and optimize the operation and management in order to ensure the use of power transformers efficiency, life and power supply reliability.

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