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Application of Water - soluble Epoxy Silicone - C Resin in I

Insulation paint is one of the key factors in determining the technical and economic indicators of motor and electrical appliances. One of the important technical and economic indicators of the motor is the mass power ratio, that is, the kg / kw value. Reduce the ratio, the motor has important significance. According to statistics, from 1900 to 1967, 1hp (0.75kW) motor quality from 40kg to 10kg, has been reduced to 6kg / kW level. An important reason for this change is the use of insulating materials with high heat resistance. Reduce the kg / kW value can save a lot of metal materials, reduce motor costs. Such as a A-class (105 ) motor with H-class (180 ) insulation, can reduce the volume of 30% to 50%, saving copper 20%, silicon steel sheet 30% to 50%, cast iron 25%. Of course, using the same model machine, with a higher temperature index insulation material, can improve the power or extend the life of the motor.

The role of high temperature insulating paint is in the electrical equipment to the potential of different charged part of the isolated. Therefore, the insulation material should first have a high insulation resistance and compressive strength, and to avoid leakage, breakdown and other accidents. Second, the heat resistance is better, to avoid long-term overheating and aging deterioration; In addition, there should be good thermal conductivity, resistance to lightning and high mechanical strength and ease of processing and so on. According to the above requirements, commonly used insulating material performance indicators are dielectric strength, breakdown strength, volume resistivity, salt spray resistance, temperature level, water resistance and so on.

Electrician commonly used insulating paint according to its different chemical properties, can be divided into inorganic insulation materials, organic insulation materials and mixed insulation materials. Commonly used inorganic insulation materials are: mica, asbestos, marble, porcelain, glass, sulfur, etc., mainly used for motors, electrical insulation winding, switch the bottom plate and insulators. Organic insulation materials are: shellac, resin, rubber, cotton yarn, paper, linen, rayon, etc., mostly used to manufacture insulating paint, winding wire wound insulation and so on. Mixed insulation materials for the above two kinds of materials through the processing of various molding insulation materials, used as electrical appliances of the base, shell and so on.

At present, the domestic insulation paint material according to the use of the process of thermal stability, from low to high divided into seven, respectively, Y (90%), A (105 ), E (120 ) (130 ), F (155oC), H (180 ) and C (180 above). In general, H-class and C-class insulating paint is usually used silicone resin, polyimide resin, polydiphenyl ether resin as a film forming base. With the progress of science and technology, electrical products toward small, lightweight, high efficiency, large capacity, simulation and intelligent direction, at the same time, with the human space from the ocean to the development of space, resulting in electrical environment , Which leads to the use of insulating materials and the use of the environment diversification. People on the level of electrical insulation coating requirements are getting higher and higher. Traditional silicone insulating paint has the advantages of small cohesive force, poor adhesion, drying and drying.

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