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Silicone insulating material

  The application of silicone in coatings (including inks) has evolved from professional, high-performance coatings to a wider range of applications. Through the application of silicone technology can improve the coating insulation, heat resistance, weather resistance, anti-fouling, wear resistance and other properties, the following in accordance with its use.

  Silicone resin as the first application of the coating technology is silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth tape, as the US Navy submarine on the wire insulation protection layer. China in the 20th century, 50 years to develop a silicone resin, in the initial stage is also mainly used for the insulation of the H-class motor coil impregnation, H-class wire and wire insulation wire insulation impregnated with fiberglass, glass fiber insulation casing impregnation , Insulation with mica belt and so on.

  So pure silicone resin as the insulating coating is the oldest silicone products. The pure silicone resin produced by the old process has the advantages of high temperature, weatherability, good insulation and other general organic resins. However, there are shortcomings such as high curing temperature, long curing time, poor adhesion and high temperature. With the development of science and technology, the development of new materials, silicone is not the only H-class insulation coating, such as polyimide and polyester and other high-performance organic resin H-class insulation paint.

  Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the situation, silicone coatings must be new technology, new technologies, new varieties, new uses direction. Through the silicone resin production process reform and the use of organic resin and silicone cold spell or copolymerization and other new technologies, the three defects in silicone resin has been greatly improved, the application of organic silicon coatings have also been expanded.

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