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What are the benefits of silicone?

  Silicone resins are highly crosslinked reticular structures of polyorganosiloxanes, usually using methyltrichlorosilane, dimethyldichlorosilane, phenyltrichlorosilane, diphenyldichlorosilane or methylphenyl Dichlorosilane in the presence of an organic solvent such as toluene, at a lower temperature to give an acidic hydrolyzate. The initial product of hydrolysis is a mixture of cyclic, linear and crosslinked polymers, and usually contains a considerable amount of hydroxyl groups. The hydrolyzate is washed with water to remove the acid, the neutral primary polycondensate is oxidized in the air or further polycondensed in the presence of the catalyst, and finally forms a highly crosslinked stereoscopic network structure

  Silicone resin paint

  In view of the above characteristics, silicone resin mainly as insulating paint (including varnish, enamel, paint, impregnated paint, etc.) impregnated H-class motor and transformer coil, and used to impregnate glass cloth, glass cloth and asbestos cloth made after the motor sets Pipe, electrical insulation winding, and so on. Adhesive mica with silicone insulating paint can be made of large area mica sheet insulation material, used as the main insulation of high voltage motor. In addition, the silicone resin can also be used as heat-resistant, weather-resistant anti-corrosion coatings, metal protective coatings, waterproofing waterproofing coatings, release agents, adhesives and secondary processing into silicone plastics for the electronics, electrical and defense industries , As a semiconductor packaging materials and electronic, electrical parts and other insulating materials.

  Silicone resin curing cross-linking roughly three ways: First, the use of silicon atoms on the hydroxyl shrinkage polymerization and network structure, which is the main way to take the curing of silicone resin, the second is the use of silicon atoms connected to ethylene Based on the use of organic peroxides as catalyst, similar to the way the silicone rubber vulcanization: Third, the use of silicon atoms connected to the vinyl and silicon hydrogen bonds for the addition reaction, such as solvent-free silicone resin and blowing agent can be prepared by mixing Bubble silicone resin. Therefore, the silicone resin according to its main purpose and cross-linking method can be divided into silicone insulation paint, silicone coatings, silicone plastics and silicone adhesives and other broad categories.

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