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Use of solvent-based insulating paint

  Insulating paint can also be called insulating coating, this coating is a better quality insulation coating, in addition, this coating also has good electrical properties, mechanical properties, as well as collector and chemical properties in one. General insulating paint is varnish, of course, in order to meet the special needs, there are paint, insulation paint in use after the formation of a tough, stable, and flexible, insulation and wear to prevent the film, and can be attached to many objects on.

  The use of oily insulating paint, to maintain ventilation is the most important, it may dilute the concentration. In fact, you are exposed to the human body is no benefit. I remember the central 7 "Discovery Discovery" section to do a series of programs, called "away from toxins." Above mentioned that you mentioned the "benzene" - aromatic killer, the most serious is likely to cause cancer. Of course, the most important thing is to see what you use the product, if it is certified by the national professional bodies, testing qualified products, then the corresponding harm to the less. Solvent-based insulating paint The main component of the thinner is benzene, benzene volatile pungent gas on the respiratory system and the eyes are harmful, in the long-term inhalation of high concentrations of volatile gases can lead to leukemia and so on. So the paint must be in a very good ventilation conditions to ensure that the air circulation, spray paint when the insulating paint should also bring the gas mask.

  According to the global statistical data, Europe and the United States developed water-based industrial paint accounted for more than 40% of the entire industrial coatings, and China's industrial paint is mainly solvent-based products, water-based industrial paint accounted for less than 10%. With the introduction of national and local policies, as well as the continuous deepening of the concept of public environmental protection, water-based paint will gradually replace the paint.

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