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Insulated cables (fire cables) process and equipment materia

  Cable structure:

   conductor → insulation layer → metal sheath layer → ∠ isolation sheath layer â 'â' â ... â ... â ... ¢ isolation layer → ⌒ isolation layer → ∂ outer jacket

   conductor: the use of annealed copper conductor, twisted and compacted.

  Using 12 +18 / 500 box type stranding machine, if the multi-core can be used 12 +18 +24 / 500 box type stranding machine.

   Insulation: the use of mica tape around (preferred synthetic mica tape)

  General box cutter with mica tape around the charter, directly with the strand at the same time to complete.

   metal sheath layer: the use of aluminum coated metal sheath layer

  1). With MC-125 chain armor, aluminum alloy chain armor molding

  2). With 350 aluminum sheathed continuous extrusion machine, continuous extrusion molding

  3). TIG welding machine (metal sheath welding machine)

  ∠ isolation sheath layer: the use of plastic insulation isolation sheath

  1) .XLPE cross-linked polyethylene insulation layer: 65 / 25D +90 / 25D warm water cross-linking production line "1 +1"

  2). PE or PVC isolation layer: the general use of SJ-90 / 25D or SJ-120 / 25D extruder direct extrusion molding

  3). Multi-core cable equipment: 1 +6 / 1250 cradle into a cable machine or 1 + 1 +3 / 1250 cradle into a cable machine

  ⊥ oxygen filled layer: magnesium hydroxide + sodium silicate formulations of mineral insulation materials

  1). LTS-120 double screw grouting machine production line extrusion filling

  2) .GXJ-120 / 10D silicone rubber single screw extruder extrusion filling

  ⌒ isolation layer: synthetic mica with double-wrap, enhance the fire resistance

  General "twin screw grouting machine" or "silicone rubber extruder" equipment equipped with long winding machine, a direct molding

  Outer sheath: polyolefin or low smoke halogenated polyolefin outer sheath.

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