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Insulation material performance index and heat resistance gr

  1. Definitions

  Resistance coefficient greater than 10 9 times the square Ω.cm material in the electrical technology is called insulation material.

  His role is to isolate the potentials in electrical equipment. Therefore, the insulating material should have good dielectric properties, that is, with a high insulation resistance and compressive strength, and to avoid leakage, creep or breakdown and other accidents.

  Second, especially the heat resistance is good, especially in the long-term heat (heat aging) and the performance of the most important changes; in addition to good thermal conductivity, moisture and a higher mechanical strength and process processing and so on.

  2. Performance indicators

  Electrician commonly used insulating material performance indicators such as dielectric strength, tensile strength, specific gravity, expansion coefficient.

  (1) Compressive strength: Insulating material In the electric field, when the electric field strength increases to a certain limit, it will breakdown. The electric field strength of the insulation breakdown is called the dielectric strength (also known as dielectric strength or dielectric strength), which is usually expressed as the voltage KV of 1mm thick insulating material.

  (2) Tensile strength: insulation material per unit cross-sectional area can withstand the tension, such as glass per square centimeter cross-sectional area can withstand 140 kg.

  (3) Density: The mass of the insulating material per cubic meter, for example, 2 grams per cubic meter of sulfur.

  (4) expansion coefficient: the insulator after the increase in the degree of volume.

  3, the heat resistance of insulating materials

  (1) Y level

  Insulating materials: natural textiles such as wood, cotton, fiber, cellulose acetate and polyamide-based textiles, and plastic that is easy to break down and melt.

  Extreme operating temperature: 90 degrees.

  (2) Class A

  Insulation material: work in mineral oil and oil or oil resin composite rubber impregnated Y-class materials, enameled wire, lacquer cloth, lacquer silk insulation and oily paint. Asphalt paint and so on.

  Extreme operating temperature: 105 degrees.

  (3) E grade

  Insulation materials: polyester film and A-class material composite, glass cloth, oily resin paint, polyvinyl acetal high-strength enameled wire, vinyl acetate heat-enameled wire.

  Extreme operating temperature: 120 degrees.

  (4) Class B

  Insulating material: polyester film, impregnated by the appropriate resin impregnated mica, glass fiber, asbestos, etc., polyester paint, polyester enameled wire.

  Extreme operating temperature: 130 degrees.

  (5) Class F

  Insulating materials: Mica products, fiberglass and asbestos, glass wool, fiberglass and asbestos-based laminates reinforced with organic fiber materials. Inorganic materials as reinforcing and stone-reinforced mica powder products Chemically thermally stable Better polyester or alkyd materials, composite silicone organic polyester paint.

  Extreme operating temperature: 155 degrees.

  (6) H level

  Insulating material: no reinforcement or inorganic materials for the strengthening of mica products, thicker F-class materials, composite mica, silicone mica products, silicon organic silicone organic silicone polyimide composite glass cloth, composite film, poly Imine paint and so on.

  Extreme operating temperature: 180 degrees.

  (7) Class C

  Insulating material: do not use any organic binder grade immersion inorganic, such as quartz, asbestos, mica, glass and porcelain materials.

  Extreme operating temperature: 180 degrees or more.

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