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What are basic insulation safety appliances?

  Insulation safety equipment, including insulation rods, insulation clamps, insulated boots, insulated gloves, insulation pads and insulation platform. Insulation safety equipment is divided into basic safety equipment and auxiliary safety equipment. The insulation strength of the former can withstand the working voltage of the electrical equipment for a long time and can be used directly to operate the electrical equipment. The latter's insulation strength is not enough to withstand the working voltage of the electrical equipment and can only strengthen the basic safety equipment.

  1, insulation rod and insulation clamp

  Insulated rods and insulated clamps are basic safety appliances. Insulated clamps are only used for electrical operation of 35kV and below. Insulated rods and insulating clamps are made up of working parts, insulating parts and handshaking parts. Insulated parts and handshake parts are made of wood, hard plastic, bakelite or fiberglass impregnated with insulating varnishes, separated by retaining rings.

  Insulated rods with different working parts can be used to operate high-voltage isolating switches, operate drop-out fuses, install and remove temporary ground lines, and perform measurements and tests. The chisel clamp is mainly used to remove and install fuses and other similar work.

  2, insulated gloves and insulated boots

  Insulated gloves and insulated boots made of rubber. Both are used as auxiliary safety appliances, insulated gloves can be used as low-voltage work safety equipment, insulated boots can be used as a protective step voltage safe appliances.

  3, insulation pads and insulation platform

  Insulation mats and insulated platforms are only used as auxiliary safety appliances.

  Insulation pad with a thickness of 5mm, which is made of non-slip striped rubber. Its minimum size should not be less than 0.8m × 0.8m.

  Insulated platform made of wood or wood, the distance between adjacent slats shall not be greater than 2.5cm. So as not to fall into the heel; platform can not have metal parts. Countertop with insulator and ground insulation, supporting the height of the insulator shall not be less than 10cm; the edge of the table can not be stretched out of the insulator, so as not to tilt the platform, the staff fell. Insulation platform minimum size should not be less than 0.8m × 0.8m, but in order to facilitate the movement and inspection, the maximum size should not be greater than 1.5m × 1.5m.

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