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Method for judging motor insulation

  In general, the insulation resistance of the motor is measured in megger, and the insulation resistance between each two-phase winding and each phase winding and case is measured to determine whether the insulation performance of the motor is good or bad.

  When the insulation resistance is measured using a megger, the motor at 500 volts or less is normally measured with a 500 volt megger, and the motor at 500-1000 volts is measured with a 1000 volt megger. Motors with voltages above 1000 volts are measured with a 2500 volt megger.

  Motor in the thermal state (75 ≧) conditions, the general small and medium-sized low-voltage motor insulation resistance should not be less than 0.5 megohm, high-voltage motor per kilovolt operating voltage winding rotor winding insulation resistance, the minimum shall not be less than 0.5 megohm ; Motor secondary circuit insulation resistance should not be less than 1 megohm.

  Motor insulation resistance measurement steps are as follows:

  Disconnect the 6 ends of the motor terminal box.

  Megou flattened, not wiring first, shake the megger. Should be pointed to the "∞", then the table "I" (line) and "e" (ground) of the two terminals with a cable clip clip short, slowly shake the handle, the needle should point to "0" At the office.

  Measure the resistance between the three-phase windings of the motor. The test clamps are connected to either end of any two-phase windings, respectively, and the table is stabilized by reading the meter clock at a speed of 120 revolutions per minute.

  In the same way, the insulation resistance of each phase is measured in turn. However, it should be noted that the table labeled "e" or "ground" of the terminal, should be connected to the chassis without insulation.

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