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Insulation paint classification

  Insulation paint is easy to distinguish the correct use of insulating paint.

  1. According to the solvent points: Insulating paint according to whether the solvent classification, divided into solvent insulation paint and solvent-free paint.

  (1) Solvent Insulation Paint Solvent Insulating paint is usually composed of film-forming resin and organic solvent, etc. The solvent content is usually about 50% of the total amount of paint. If the solvent content is less than 25%, this solvent insulating paint is also commonly referred to as less solvent insulating paint, or called high solids content insulating paint.

  (2) solvent-free insulation paint solvent-free insulating paint is generally composed of film-forming resin and reactive diluent, reactive diluent can be together with the film-forming resin curing reaction. Most of the solvent-free insulating paint is cured in the film

  In the process, there are still some active thinner to be volatile, and really no solvent volatile solvent-free paint is


  2. According to the curing method points

  Insulation paint by curing method, divided into self-dry insulation paint, drying insulation paint and UV curing insulation


  (1) Since the dry insulation paint from the dry insulation paint is coated with their own dry film after the insulation paint. The mechanism of self-drying is generally divided into three categories: one is volatile dry, that is, high molecular weight solid resin dissolved in the appropriate

  Solvent, after coating the solvent evaporated, leaving the solid film-forming resin. This type of insulating paint is easy to use and fast.

  But poor solvent resistance, heat easy to soften. The second category is oxidative dry. This type of insulating paint contains dry vegetable oil,

  Dry vegetable oil in the molecular structure of the unsaturated double bond in the air under the action of oxygen, will self-oxidation cross-linked, from

  And to achieve the purpose of drying. General oily, phenolic resin and dry oil alkyd varnish are all oxidized dry type insulating paint. This type of insulating paint because of the high content of vegetable oil, heat resistance is low, for the A-class, E-class

  Insulation material, drying time is longer, generally one day. The third category is room temperature curing drying, this type of insulating paint is

  At room temperature, by chemical reaction and cross-linked. This type of paint is a two-component or multi-component, is now available.

  This type of paint commonly used, such as polyamide resin curing epoxy paint and two-component polyurethane paint. This kind of paint is

  Chemical cross-linking, heat resistance, solvent resistance and chemical resistance are better.

  (2) Drying Insulating Paint Drying Insulating paint is an insulating paint that needs to be heated and baked to a certain temperature to react and cure. Most of the insulating paint is drying type of insulating paint, such as amino alkyd paint, epoxy ester paint,

  Polyester resin paint and silicone resin paint. This type of paint is a chemical cross-linked, and after heating baking, therefore,

  Performance is better, with the use of diversity.

  Drying insulation paint according to the level of baking temperature and curing speed can be divided into conventional drying paint,

  Quick drying drying paint, low temperature drying paint and low temperature quick drying baking varnish. The speed of curing speed is a relative concept, no

  There is a clear standard, the temperature also affects the speed of curing. Generally the product indicator drying time is less than 1 small

  When the impregnated paint called quick-drying paint, the product can be dry within 100 ≧, a low-temperature baking paint.

  (3) UV-curable insulating paint This is a kind of ultraviolet light to cure the insulating paint. This type of paint is composed of a photoinitiator in the components of an unsaturated resin and an active diluent. Curing mechanism is through the appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet light irradiation, decomposition of light initiator to form free radicals, and then lead to unsaturated resin and reactive diluent

  Crosslinking. This kind of paint curing time is very fast, a few minutes, or even a few seconds to cure, very suitable for

  Production line operation. The paint used for the surface of the product coating, can also be used as impregnated paint, so that the surface quickly solid

  The encapsulation, the inner layer reheating and curing, in order to reduce the loss, improve the effect of hanging paint.

  3. By security points

  Insulated paint according to safety classification, divided into flame retardant paint, no benzene paint and non-toxic paint.

  (1) Flame-retardant insulating paint Flame-retardant insulating paint is its film-forming material is not combustible or can be burned within 5 seconds after the self-extinguishing insulation paint. This performance is extremely important for household appliances, is the guarantee of household appliances safety.

  Flame-retardant insulating paint can be made of non-combustible resin, but also in the general insulating paint to add the appropriate flame retardant material

  Expected to achieve the purpose of self-extinguishing flame retardant. This insulating paint is currently on the market is about to use the insulating paint, the use of its insulating paint in some special aspects of the benefits of too much; for example: household appliances, even if the electrical short circuit failure will not cause the object burning or burning time The natural extinguished. This is a positive energy recommendation for any electrical product.

  (2) benzene-free insulating paint Most of the insulating paint are prepared with benzene solvent, benzene solvent on the human body is toxic, therefore, the development of benzene-free insulation is imperative. In the current increasing emphasis on environmental protection situation,

  No benzene insulation paint should be strongly advocated.

  (3) non-toxic insulating paint non-toxic insulating paint is film, the film non-toxic insulating paint. Under normal circumstances, the household electrical appliance industry does not have this requirement. If you want to use non-toxic insulating paint, the paint must be recognized by the relevant health sector identification.

  4. According to the construction method points

  Insulation paint by construction methods, divided into impregnated paint, dripping paint, UV curing paint and paint complex paint.

  (1) Impregnation Paint Insulating paint is an insulating paint for insulation treatment of electronic transformer products. Impregnated paint according to the different insulation treatment process, divided into: conventional impregnated paint and quick-drying impregnated paint.

  The advantages of conventional impregnated paint is the use of good stability, in the normal production conditions, the paint tank in the impregnated paint can be long

  Use. Conventional impregnated paint construction process can be used: general atmospheric pressure impregnation insulation treatment, vacuum impregnation insulation

  Treatment and vacuum pressure impregnation insulation treatment.

  Quick-drying impregnated insulating paint is characterized by fast curing fast, but the use of relatively poor stability, mostly two-component

  Paint. This paint is not suitable for large paint tank immersion, multi-use continuous impregnation insulation treatment process, suitable for insulation treatment

  Machine, production line.

  (2) dripping paint dripping paint is used to electronic transformer products for dripping insulation treatment of insulating paint. Dip paint is generally a two-component solvent-free insulating paint, is now with the distribution. The construction of the dripping paint is carried out by means of dripping machine

  Insulation treatment, usually the whole dripping insulation processing hours for 1-2 hours.

  (3) UV curing paint UV curing paint is cured with ultraviolet light insulation paint. Photoinitiator and paint is a sub-installed, is now with the current, with ultraviolet light irradiation curing.

  (4) coated paint paint is used as the surface of the electronic transformer coating paint insulation. Coating process are: dip coating, spraying and brushing and so on. Drying process are: natural drying, baking drying and UV curing drying points.

  With the continuous improvement in the use of the field, the insulation of the insulating paint and transformer insulation paint is also more and more clear, in today's insulating paint on the water awareness and advocacy is also more and more intense, and I advocate the use of environmental protection Halogen-free flame retardant insulating paint where the water; because the superiority of this product is obvious to all, it not only in a multi-level effective guarantee of property safety, and voc emissions are extremely low, effectively guarantee the air pollution

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