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Performance Characteristics of High Temperature Insulating P

  High-temperature insulating paint after curing and high temperature sintering, the formation of a hard ceramic-like shell of the current isolation layer, this hard ceramic-like shell of the insulation layer can be very effective in blocking the current leakage, high temperature protection base of the normal state Damaged high temperature insulation coating.

  In order to ensure that the properties of the insulating coating are effectively improved, the quality of the ceramic coating of the surface of the sample having a complex shape is improved. Yaan insulation company in the high temperature insulating paint production process, in strict accordance with the standards of space research laboratory, control the production of raw materials, to avoid scattered ions or metal molecules, ions mixed, as far as possible to improve the glass phase of raw materials, The raw material is used for the glass phase to bring the secondary coating to the conductive. Yaan insulation high temperature insulation paint fine production but also to strengthen the details of the generated links, such as temperature, humidity, atmosphere, etc., to avoid unnecessary paint with free ions, hole electrons and reduction of oxidation of electrons, but also To avoid the production of deep processing in the inorganic lattice material conversion caused by lattice defects, so as not to affect the coating conductivity.

  Among them, high temperature insulating paint, the use of Yaan insulation special high temperature film solution, long-term temperature can reach 1800 ≧, water-based inorganic ceramic materials, paint pure inorganic polymer high temperature solution, the pigment is made of high resistance inorganic crystal material. Insulation paint can work for a long time at 1800 ≧, volume resistivity greater than 1016Ωm, dielectric strength (breakdown strength), greater than 104KV / m, good chemical stability, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance, no Flash point, burning point, high hardness, hardness greater than 7H. ZS-1091 high temperature insulating paint, the maximum temperature of 1800 ≧, can be coated on the surface of the object to form a layer with a higher volume resistivity, can withstand a strong electric field without being punctured. ZS-1091 high temperature insulating paint The coating has high mechanical strength and good chemical stability, resistance to aging, water resistance, chemical resistance; also has resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock performance. Yaan insulation high temperature insulating paint suitable for brushing in a variety of high temperature heating body, fire resistant to high temperature insulation.

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