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The working principle and characteristics of glass fiber bel

  Glass fiber with high temperature, insulation, good corrosion resistance, less moisture, strong tensile strength, do more flame retardant, insulation banding, the application of a wide range.

  Glass fiber belt flame retardant principle:

  Toughness and high flame retardant layer of fire insulation layer of fire in the fire layer of fire decomposition into metal oxide and precipitation of crystal water, metal oxide decomposition after the formation of network structure, the flue gas have a certain adsorption. And the precipitation of crystal water not only on the smoke particles play a significant role in the settlement, but also has a good endothermic effect. In addition, the carbonation structure can be formed during the combustion process. This kind of carbonized layer plays an important role in the low smoke and flame resistance of the cable. The endothermic effect delays the burning speed and the rising time of the cable itself, The formation of the structure, thus hindering the supply of oxygen and combustible gas flow, thus resisting the combustion of the cable.

  The basic characteristics of fiberglass belts:

  1. Excellent aging resistance;

  2. Have a good sound absorption, higher than the NRC average requirements;

  3. Glass fiber has good electrical insulation properties.

  4. Glass fiber is inorganic fiber, never burn.

  5. Excellent heat resistance, the maximum temperature of 600 ≧.

  6. Glass fiber has high tensile strength and length stability

  7. Light, heat, heat capacity is small, low thermal conductivity. Soft, good heat insulation;

  8. Glass fiber belt does not absorb water, no corrosion, no mildew, no moth, easy to scattered, have a certain tensile strength;

  9. According to the use of requirements can be cut, sewing, easy to construction.

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