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What are the advantages of using heat shrinkable belts for e

  The heat-shrinkable tape for electricians is a high shrinkage polyester filament yarn, which has the following advantages:

  1. Simplify the transformer production process, improve processing efficiency.

  2. Significantly enhance the transformer product performance and overall quality level.

  3. High tensile strength, mechanical strength is more than a dozen times the cloth.

  4. Heat shrinkage of 30%, tied firmly, durable, no rebound, no relaxation.

  5. Minimize the amount of wood, fasteners and reduce the size of the transformer, greatly reducing manufacturing costs.

  6. Insulation level is high, electrical performance is good; dielectric constant 3, between the oil and cardboard, super stable and small loss.

  7. to avoid a large number of angular parts, cost savings, save space; more convenient, more reliable, more beautiful.

  8. Pure chemical substances, the appearance of no burr, off line, markings and other defects, and does not contain dirt and other substances harmful to electrical insulation.

  In addition, the application of electric heat shrinkable belt is more extensive, mainly used to play the role of fastening, so to meet the needs of different equipment, I use the Secretary of advanced equipment and technology for different width, thickness of the electric heat shrink band.

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