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The technology and application of Lingge Shangjiao insulatin

  Ling Ge plastic insulation paper is mainly used for oil-immersed power transformer coil turns insulation and distribution transformer coil insulation layer.

  Lingge plastic material is a special modified epoxy resin was Ling grid evenly coated on the F-class DMD insulation paper or cable paper and other substrates made of new electrical insulation materials. Such as Ling Ge plastic DMD insulation paper, Dianjiao Zhi, and so on.

  Lingge on the use of plastic materials are as follows:

  The coating is initially melted at a temperature to produce an adhesion and is cured with increasing temperature so that the adjacent layers of the windings are reliably bonded into a fixed unit which is sufficient to prevent the temperature between the layers Displacement, thus ensuring the long-term mechanical and electrical properties of the insulation structure. In addition, the distribution of the resin coating point to ensure that the oil intrusion and gas discharge, can effectively avoid corona and partial discharge, so that the reliability of the insulation structure is guaranteed.

  Lingge glue on the DMD insulation paper glue layer of the bonding process:

  80 ≧ below, the glue is solid. 90 ≧ when the glue began to have a sticky. 120 ≧ is the glue layer began to cure. 140 ≧ late layer of adhesive curing, to maintain four hours, the adhesive layer can be completely cured, with the maximum adhesion and dielectric strength.

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