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The necessity of baking and low temperature baking of drying

  The necessity of baking and low temperature baking of drying insulating varnishes

  Drying insulation paint impregnation, drying is a strict requirement, the purpose is to ensure the quality of the workpiece and the safety of work.

  First, the importance of drying the insulation of the white billet pre-bake:

  The purpose of prebaking is to remove the volatiles in the insulating material and the moisture introduced into the insulation system, and to eliminate the internal stress caused by the film being stretched (about 10-20%) during the winding process.

  Commonly used insulation material in the relative humidity of 65% or more in the air will be a sharp moisture absorption, thereby reducing the resistance coefficient, if not pre-bake treatment, even after the next dipping treatment even better, the workpiece insulation performance still can not achieve the best results, or even Produce bad product. Pre-baking temperature should be lower than the maximum allowable temperature of the insulation system is generally 120-130 ≧. Pre-bake insulation resistance value continued to stabilize 1-2h, pre-bake end.

  Second, the drying of insulating paint low temperature baking essential:

  Dip paint after the motor should be a certain time of low temperature baking, to facilitate the inside of the winding insulation solvent fully volatile, so that the insulation on the winding of the overall solidification. But if not through the low temperature baking directly into the drying room high temperature baking will have the following disadvantages:

  1. The surface of the workpiece quickly dry curing film, resulting in the inner layer of paint solvent is not volatile or even volatile, thus affecting the overall drying curing speed and effect; or the inner solvent gas forced out, the surface film to form a honeycomb Gas, the impact of insulating paint adhesion effect. In the process of using the motor, easily lead to short circuit or ground fault.

  2. Drying Insulation paint solvent rapid evaporation, can not be discharged in time out of the box, resulting in a sharp increase in the concentration of organic solvents in the oven, and air mixing to a certain percentage (explosion limit), in case of fire or high heat is exploded.

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