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Epoxy Insulation Paint Advantages

  Epoxy insulating paint is classified according to the classification of a kind of insulating paint, in accordance with the requirements of the national standard epoxy resin and its cured products have the following characteristics:

  (1) good electrical performance. Thermosetting resin is one of the best dielectric properties of the species.

  (2) good stability. No alkali, salt and other impurities in the epoxy resin is not perishable, epoxy curing material has excellent chemical stability. Its alkali, acid, salt and other media corrosion performance is better than unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin and other thermosetting resin.

  (3) curing shrinkage is small. Generally 1% -2%, is the thermosetting resin curing shrinkage rate of one of the smallest varieties, linear expansion coefficient is also very small, usually 6 × 10-5 / ° C, so the product size is stable, the internal stress is small, easy to crack The

  (4) good craftsmanship. Epoxy resin curing is basically no low molecular volatiles produced, it can be low-pressure molding or contact pressure molding. The flexibility of the formula design is great, can be designed for a variety of process requirements of the formula.

  (5) epoxy heat resistance is generally 80-100 ° C, heat-resistant varieties of epoxy resin up to 200 ° C or higher.

  (6) excellent overall performance. In the thermosetting resin, the epoxy resin and its cured product of the best overall performance [34]

  (7) excellent bonding performance. Epoxy resin curing system in the highly active epoxy, hydroxyl and ether bond, amine bond, ester bond and other polar groups to give epoxy curing material with high bond strength. In addition it has a high cohesive strength and other mechanical properties, so its bond performance is particularly strong, can be used as structural adhesive.

  Epoxy insulating paint used for motors, electrical appliances, transformers, etc. with continuous film formation, widely used and other characteristics. Epoxy resin also has the advantages of mechanical properties: high mechanical properties. Epoxy resin has a strong cohesion, molecular structure is dense, so its mechanical properties than phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester and other general-purpose thermosetting resin.

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