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Environmental protection from the use of dry paint advantage

  First, since the dry paint environmental safety performance:

  1. Does not contain formaldehyde, free of free TDL;

  2. Does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene;

  Do not burn, no smell;

  4.VOC content is better than environmental standards;

  5. Our company has passed the SGS test report.

  Second, the use of dry paint Note:

  1. paint should be dry before the coating should avoid water;

  2. This product is water-based paint, do not mix with other paint;

  3. Construction environment should be maintained at a relative temperature of not less than 65%, the temperature of not less than 8 ° C;

  4. In the need to do multi-layer coating, should be dry in the bottom coating before the surface layer of construction;

  5. If the paint on the eyes when the paint should be immediately rinse with water, if necessary, should go to the hospital for treatment.

  6. Paint by long-term storage, there may be a slight precipitation situation, should be fully stirred before use, to avoid the phenomenon of uneven color;

  Third, since the dry paint transport Note:

  1. The number of layers to be stacked shall be in accordance with the range specified in this product (no more than three);

  2. Winter transport should be done antifreeze measures, to avoid 0 ° C below the environment transport. Should be carried away when handling, prohibit rewind, flip, collision and lead to leakage.

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