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Insulation paint used in the safety measures and labor insur

  Insulation paint is the electrical, transformer, electrical and other industries essential insulation materials, but as the main component of the insulating resin and solvents are flammable, and harmful to health, so the use of the process of safety and environmental protection measures Should be highly valued.

  First, the use of insulating paint safety measures:

  1. Housing construction should meet fire protection requirements;

  2. All electrical equipment should be used explosion-proof type;

  3. The scene should be compatible with the insulation paint fire extinguishing equipment;

  4. Storage room should be designed according to explosive materials;

  Second, the use of insulating paint and environmental protection measures:

  1. There should be ventilation in the room;

  2. Insulation paint and solvent containers should be covered;

  3. Oven waste gas should lead outdoors;

  4. Operators should check the body regularly.

  All the relevant staff should be aware of the insulation paint is a dangerous goods, must be done to pre-security work.

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