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Comparison of the performance of five kinds of glass fiber p

  2715 Silicone Wax, 2740 Silicone Fiberglass Paint, 2751 Silicone Rubber Insulated Sleeve, 2753 Silicone Fiberglass Self-extinguishing Tube, Fixed Tube, These 5 Insulation Tubes are focused on both performance and use.

  First, the normal appearance of different:

  2715 yellow wax tube coated PVC color is colorless and transparent, in order to facilitate the distinction between the first line, in the glass tube by adding red, green, blue and other patterns.

  2740 acrylic glass fiber paint tube is white or yellowish, feel slightly hard.

  2751 silicone rubber insulation sleeve for the rubber color, feel flexible.

  2753 Silicone glass fiber self-extinguishing tube is white, feel flexible.

  Fixed pattern tube is white, feel very thin.

  Second, the advantages are different:

  2715 yellow wax tube, also known as PVC hose, all known as PVC glass fiber paint tube, the most common, the lowest price.

  2740 acrylic glass fiber paint is F-class insulation, acid and alkali superior.

  2751 silicone rubber insulation sleeve is H-class insulation, that is, high temperature and cold.

  2753 Silicone glass fiber self-extinguishing tube coated silicone flame retardant resin, that is, high temperature and flame retardant, self-extinguishing time is less than 10 seconds.

  Fixed pattern tube can withstand 500 degrees of high temperature, and has excellent mechanical processing performance, the shear section can be kept rounded.

  Third, the general breakdown pressure is different:

  2715 Yellow wax tube - 2.5KV

  2740 2.5KV

  2751 4KV

  2753 1.5KV

  Fixed pattern tube 500V

  In the choice of insulation tube products can be selected according to the need to use the appropriate product.

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