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Optional insulation paint needs to be concerned about the se

  Why choose the right insulating paint? Yaan Insulation recommends that you grasp seven basic properties.

  1, viscosity, solid content:

  Insulating paint low viscosity, high solids content, can guarantee a good permeability and filling capacity of the gap. Insulating paint and other components of the volatile, curing process immersed in the loss of resin, have the effect of insulating paint filling.

  2, the storage stability of insulating paint:

  In particular, for immersion insulating varnishes, there must be a viscosity stability that meets the requirements.

  3, the insulation of the curing (dry) sex:

  Good drying, fast curing, low curing temperature, to improve the insulation performance, shorten the insulation of the dip cycle, save energy, to avoid the baking temperature is too high caused by other thermal insulation of the insulation material.

  4, the adhesion of insulating paint, mechanical strength, the toughness of the film:

  Electrical appliances in the operation or use of the process, subject to a variety of reasons caused by the role of mechanical stress. Insulation performance is not good, it will cause the coil loose, deformation and lead to damage to insulation. Therefore, the mechanical strength and the cohesive force of the insulating varnish are very important for the motor which is impregnated with the insulating paint, especially the motor which requires high power, such as power tools.

  5, the insulation of the moisture resistance:

  Insulation paint film moisture absorption will cause a significant decline in electrical performance, so impregnated insulating paint must have a small moisture permeability, high water after immersion characteristics.

  6, the heat resistance of insulating paint:

  Electrical appliances to reduce the size, reduce quality, improve output and reliability, it is necessary to reduce the thickness of insulation to improve the heat resistance of insulating paint. Insulation treatment with the heat resistance of the electrical life of electrical appliances have a great impact.

  7, insulating paint oil, chemical resistance:

  For oil insulation insulation appliances, refrigerators, chemical plants and other electrical appliances with electrical insulation must have a good oil, refrigerant, resistant to special drugs such as steam performance. In short, the use of different electrical equipment environment is different from the requirements of the environment-resistant atmosphere is not the same.

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Telephone+86-199 3740 8623

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