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Comparison of Properties of Nylon Spinning and Silk Silk as

  2310 oily lacquer silk. The substrate used is nylon spun, the main component of its fiber is polyamide-6.

  2210/2212 oily lacquer used in the substrate for the real silk, silk used in this silk is the cocoon analysis of the fiber, the protein as the main component of nylon spinning as oily lacquer substrate, its alkali, antibacterial And other properties are better than real silk.

  The most significant feature of nylon spinning is that its elasticity is much higher than that of true silk. The higher elasticity allows the 2310 oily lacquer to be cut using a straight cut, while the 2210 oily silk must be made with a 45 degree beveled way to increase its elasticity and easier to wrap around.

  Silk as a traditional A-class insulation impregnated fabric substrate, using its made 2210 oily silk in the thermal stability is better than 2310 nylon spinning.

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