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114-D5 polyester imine drip dual purpose resin

  The application of silicone in coatings (including inks) has evolved from professional, high-performance coatings to a wider range of applications. Through the application of silicone technology can improve the coating insulation, heat resistance, weather resistance, anti-fouling, wear resistance and other properties, the following in accordance with its use.

  Silicone resin as the first application of the coating technology is silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth tape, as the US Navy submarine on the wire insulation protection layer. China in the 20th century, 50 years to develop a silicone resin, in the initial stage is also mainly used for the insulation of the H-class motor coil impregnation, H-class wire and wire insulation wire insulation impregnated with fiberglass, glass fiber insulation casing impregnation , Insulation with mica belt and so on.

High temperature motor insulation paint 114 Polyester imine dripping dual purpose insulating paint High temperature motor insulation paint 114 Polyester imine dripping dual purpose insulating paint

1、the product composition and characteristics

YA114-D5 Polyester imine drip dual-use resin by the polyester imine resin, curing agent, accelerator and other components. Heat-resistant grade is H-class. This product has excellent thermal mechanical strength, electrical properties, resistance to heat and anti-fog. Curing fast, non-volatile, hardened solid full.



Applicable to high temperature, high speed, high vibration motor rotor coil dripping, rolling dip insulation treatment. After processing the coil has a good overall, to reduce the motor vibration and noise, improve the motor life has a significant effect.


3、Packaging and storage

This product is two-component packaging, A, B two-component package by 100: 1 ~ 1.5 matching supply. Packaging specifications for the vat: a group of 180 kg and Group B 1.8 kg, keg: a group of 17 kg and Group B 0.17 kg, can also be packaged according to customer requirements. The product A and B components sealed in the original packaging containers, at room temperature below 25 ≧, the storage period from the factory date of six months.


4、Special Note

The company strictly in accordance with the relevant product standards to control product quality. Due to the diversity of application conditions and variability and many other factors, it does not rule out the need for user self-test research, the law does not guarantee that some of the performance of a particular product for a specific use, and retain the data to modify the power.


5、Technical Parameters

High temperature motor insulation paint 114 Polyester imine dripping dual purpose insulating paint

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