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1030 Alkyd Impregnation Insulating Paint Fast - drying Water

¡¡¡¡Insulation material is one of the most important materials in the transformer, its performance and quality directly affect the reliability of transformer operation and transformer life. In recent years, the transformer products used in new insulation materials after another. With the rapid development of science and technology, electrical appliances, transformers and other electrical equipment is increasingly widely used. The reliability and service life of the transformer is largely dependent on the insulation material it uses. Insulation materials are increasingly engaged in the design and manufacture of transformers. Over the past two decades, transformers insulation materials aspects of new products, new technologies, new theories continue to emerge and development, so that the transformer insulation materials and its application has formed a very important discipline.

¡¡¡¡Insulation Materials

¡¡Insulation material, also known as dielectric, is a high resistivity, low conductivity of the material. Insulation material can be used to isolate live or different potential of the conductor, so that the current flow in a certain direction. In the transformer products, insulation materials also play a cooling, cooling, support, fixed, arc, improve the potential gradient, moisture, mildew and protect the role of the conductor. (105 ¡æ), B (130 ¡æ), F (155 ¡æ), H (180 ¡æ), C (greater than 180), the temperature of the insulation materials are classified according to the voltage grade: C). Transformer insulation material heat resistance grade refers to the insulation material in the transformer to allow the maximum temperature. If the correct use of insulating materials, you can guarantee the material 20 years of service life. Otherwise it will be based on 8 ¡æ law (A-class insulation temperature for each 8 ¡æ rise, half life cycle, B-class insulation is 10 ¡æ, H level is 12 ¡æ. This law is known as heat aging 8 ¡æ law) Service life. The heat resistance of the insulating material composed of the polymer is lower than that of the inorganic dielectric.

1030 Alkyd Impregnation Insulating Paint Fast - drying Water - based Insulating Paint Motor Three Anti - Paint 1030 Alkyd Impregnation Insulating Paint Fast - drying Water - based Insulating Paint Motor Three Anti - Paint

1¡¢Product composition and characteristics

1030 Alkyd Impregnation Paint is made from oil modified alkyd resin, drier and organic solvent.


2¡¢Performance and use

1030 alkyd impregnated paint for the B-class insulation material, has good oil resistance and arc resistance, for the work in the oil immersed in the motor, electrical coil and insulation components.


3¡¢Construction process tips

130 ± 5 ¡æ temperature range baking to hot resistance for 3 hours stable for a period of time about 10-14h. The temperature control before the baking stage is low (60-80 ¡æ), which is the solvent evaporation stage. For those who can not withstand high temperature electronic components, the goods can also be baked at 100 ¡æ drying, the corresponding time to extend¡£


4¡¢Technical Parameters

¡¡¡¡Transformer Insulation Material Variety

¡¡¡¡The properties of insulating materials are closely related to their molecular composition and molecular structure. Transformer insulation materials a lot of varieties, according to their form can be divided into gas insulation materials, liquid insulation materials and solid insulation materials.

¡¡¡¡Transformer solid insulation material type

¡¡¡¡Solid insulation material: Transformer used in solid insulation material refers to the material itself is solid or through the chemical reaction, the physical changes in solid insulation material. Transformer solid insulation materials, such as insulating paper, insulating paperboard, Nomex paper, plastic tape, electrical laminated wood, epoxy glass cloth plate, low dielectric loss laminate, insulation paint, insulation glue, cotton belt, Mesh-free polyester tape and so on.

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